GLII Releases 2012 China LED Industry midstream packages Research Report

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By the end of March 2012, the number of LED packaging enterprises with regular production lines and considerable output capacities has reached more than 1700 in China and the data is on the increase, according to the investigations from GG-LED Industry Institute (GLII). These enterprises are in large part China-funded, Taiwan-funded, Hong Kong-funded, and US-funded packaging enterprises.Although the market is flooded with inferior LED packaging products, generally speaking, the quality of LED packaging products have been greatly improved through years of rapid development. The trend will be more significant in the next 2 to 3 years. The number of LED packaging enterprises has exceeded 1700 in China, but in terms of the demand for LED applications, the existing LED packaging companies will fail to meet the market requirements. In years to come, LED packaging will remain to be the springboard for many companies to tap into LED industry. However, many companies and investors do not understand the current situation of the industry and lack the relevant data of China's LED packaging industry before stepping on the field of LED packaging.

After nearly 10 years of development, China's LED packaging industry has expanded into considerable economics of scale and stood as one of the world's leading LED packaging production base. In 2011, GLII collected abundant first-hand information through field investigations to the world's leading LED packaging enterprises and LED packaging supporting enterprises, plus face-to-face interviews to the leaders in LED packaging industry.

In this report, we undertake a detailed research and analysis on the development features, main products, capacity & output value, packaging equipments, support, phosphor,silica gel of Chinese LED packaging industry and the output value distribution of LED packaging around the world. GLII expects to extend the most accurate report with the best reference value to investors, insiders, security companies and people who are interested in LED packaging industry through practical researches

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